Matrix Screen Locker

Matrix Screen Locker 14.08

Adds the Matrix as the screensaver and locks the PC
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Replaces your regular screensaver with the flowing green numbers from the Matrix movie. Also locks the computer with a password whenever the screensaver activates.

Matrix Screen Locker is a freeware application with a specific purpose - to lock access to your computer with a password. What it actually does is locks the desktop behind a sort of animated screensaver. The program dwells silently in the system stray, and can be activated by a single right-click on the ‘X’ symbol. The first thing to do is create a password, since this primary field is initially empty. When run, the program will display an animation which will completely block access to the system. To unlock it, you have to right-click somewhere on the screen and enter the correct password.

This application will even block ctrl+alt+supr keys, providing a better protection. The program can also be set to lock the computer at start up automatically. Matrix Screen Locker is ready to use after a simple installation, and handling it is quite simple. Apart from its main functionality, it gives the desktop a really cool appearance in the style of Matrix, with the classic animation of letters and symbols scrolling down the screen. Besides, this system tray application is quite lightweight, only 1.86MB, and free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Safe and easy to use
  • Free


  • Not compatible with Vista
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